Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What's New @ Lya

I have spent my last few weeks perfecting some sunglasses script which includes several features that you all love in glasses and not utterly ridiculous gadgets that aren't even related to sunglasses (flight enhancer? what the hell?) but things that actually changes the way that sunglasses look , etc. So here it is the finished product!

Adonia is a greek name which means beautiful. I was highly inspired by the colors of the picture hehe. Anyways I am also selling the scripts in copy and transfer permissions so that designers can use these scripts in their creations. Unlike similar products this one is a lot more cheaper and is very very very easy to use (trust me, I am not lying here). I debated from several alternatives on how to do the scripts easier for designers and I think I have choosed the right ones. I present to you the Sunglasses Scripts pack!

Simplicity at its best. But yet powerful and full featured. :)
You can get all these at Lya MAIN STORE!