Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What's New @ Cupcakes?

FREEBIE hunt AND big skin sale!

1) single skins are BUY ONE/ GET ONE FREE until valentine's night, february 14th, 11:59PM SLT. you can mix and match makeups from across skinlines, skintones, and fatpacks of equal/lesser value.
2) skin fatpacks (at $5000 linden) will automatically earn you a $2500L store card! This will be verified and sent within 12 hours - usually more like 30 minutes.
3) VALENTINE CUPCAKE FREEBIE HUNT IN STORE NOW - SPRING makeup in all skintones, lingerie, dresses, et al!
definitely worth a look!

Gift cards are STILL on sale for 30% off also - and cannot be used in purchasing BOGO skins or fatpacks for giftcard redemption - sorry :( we just don't reliably get verification notices re: who buys what!