Monday, February 9, 2009

What's new at Shapes by Zada

The second batch of Eyefidelity Uniques are now available at Shapes by Zada. Five more stunning and unusual colors, packed with character, detail and deliciousness:
Green Frost, an enchanting pale green with subtle brown inner tone.
Violet gray, a mesmerising mix of cool and warm tones, inspired by Liz Taylor's eyes.
Peacock, bright, vivid and astonishing!
Ultragreen, the deepest, darkest green with subtle blue hints
Solar Flare, brilliant sun yellow with warm orange-brown prominences.

Each color comes in a choice of two sizes (IdealEyes for standard SL size, or RealEyes for a slightly smaller more RL look), and each pack includes three versions to match day, night and indoor lighting. Packs are 100L each, fatpacks of five colors (15 eyes) are 360L.

One color is free and one fatpack half price until the weekend, so hurry over! There's also an eleventh color (Peacock Blue) currently available as a profile picks promotion.