Friday, February 13, 2009

DE Designs Worlds 09

This is something I have been wanting to do for a while now. Take a design I did long ago and completely redesign it using techniques I use today. In 2006 I designed a ladies and men's match called "worlds". I have included the original 2006 ladies ad in the thumbnail pics. I soon found out, due to the fact I do things so much different now, this became a redesign and not a update. About 90% of this is all new texture work as well as this one includes sculpts, something we didn't have back in the day. I really enjoyed doing this and I will be doing more. With the release of Worlds 09 the original Worlds, both ladies and men's, has now been retired.

Ladies Includes: pants(undies and pants), shirt(all Layers), shirt for gloves(all layers), cloak jacket(all layers), gloves, shorts(undies and pants), sculpted jacket cuffs, glove cuffs and pant cuffs.

Men's Includes: pants-reg fit(undies and pants), pants-cuff fit, shirt(undershirt and shirt),shirt for gloves(undershirt and shirt), cloak jacket, gloves, sculpted jacket cuffs, glove cuffs and pant cuffs.

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