Saturday, February 14, 2009

Three new at Calla!

There are three new styles in the store today! All of them are ponytails and are part of the regular styles collection.

Dahlia II was a request from a customer. She wanted Dahlia without the glasses. So that's what I did! I also added some flexi to the sculpted ponytail part hanging from the french braid to give it some movement.

The other two are side pulled ponies, one high and funky, and one sleek and elegant with a little bit of spunk. Pics of all of them below!

Also, I will be out of touch until February 23rd. I will be going in for surgery today, and plan to take it easy for the weekend and part of next week. (Gallbladder, nothing hugely serious, but something I've been putting off for nearly a year now.)

If you have any customer service issues, please leave me a note card if it's not urgent. If you need quicker assistance, please contact Katoria Stevenson, or any of the customer service reps. If you go into the store, there is a staff board which will show you which of them is online, and allow you to page them from there. The board is right by the front door, you can't miss it. Kat is able to have undelivered purchases resent to you, so if you're missing your items please send her a note card with your transaction information and she will get it to you as soon as possible.

Have a wonderful weekend, and a happy Valentine's day!

Calla Dahlia II

Calla Pink Clove

Calla Thornapple

As always, you can pick them up at Calla!