Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 Roses Sale

poster vday4

The 25 Roses sale is akin to the Secret Chamber sale of last year, but with a twist. This year, there are exactly 25 items on sale in the secret location (24 gowns and 1 outfit, to be precise). Items on sale are selected best sellers from the main catalogue of the store. Those who purchase all of the items discounted at 100L will receive a 1000L gift card as a bonus.

All of the items in this sale are either red, pink, or both, as this is a Valentine‘s themed sale. The sale will only go on until Midnight SLT on the 14th, so don’t miss out! The secret location is here:

A new gown and new jewelry release is coming very soon, as well as more V-day surprises.

Also, if you're in the Kouse's Sanctum update group and missed this month's freebie, check your past notices for it before it disappears!