Friday, February 8, 2008

What's New @ *AE* joins the V-Day Hunt

40 designers have joined to get a big V-day hunt all over the grid. It will be starting on
Sweet Sorrow and begins at 1:00am SLT February 9 and will continue until 12:00pm SLT February 11. At the start you will get your notecard with LM and their nrs. The same nrs. will be on the gifts so you can easily check if you have them all 40.

Look for goodies for both men & women from at least the following designers:

~ *AE* ~ Accessories by Eolande ~ ANIMAH ~ AnnaH ~ Balderdash ~ Bodies by Oh! ~ Boingo ~ Calla ~ Caroline's Jewelry ~ Cassini Creations ~ CKS Designs ~ DaeSkins ~ Designing Nicky Ree ~ Elite Designs Furniture ~ enkythings ~ First Impressions ~ Hair Solutions ~ Hubby's Boutique ~ Ingenue ~ Irelyn ~ KessKreations ~ Kitchy/UOMO ~ Moonshine ~ PajamaRama ~ Philotic Energy ~ PrimPlay ~ Reaction ~ Rose Petal Creations ~ SecondWave Apparel ~ She's So Unusual Shoes ~ SYD: Style Your Destiny ~ Tea Monster Clothing ~ Textures 'r Us ~ Topaz Square ~ Vitamin Ci ~ Wilted Rose ~

*AE* Contributed with Anti-V tattoos for him and her.

And a Valentine Day Lace Dress.

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Our Personal Blog at

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Have Fun with the hunt and do not hasitate any of us to ask questions. This weekend will be a memorable one for all of us.............................
*AE* and SH