Saturday, February 2, 2008

Whats new @ Bewitched Hair

There have been 18 new releases in the last week at Bewitched Hair. Here is a peek at a few of them. To see all of them, either check the blog out at or tap the link here for in world location. There have also been a great deal of items in the shop added to On rez. Click here for the ONREZ store.
~First round of secret sales for the month of Febuary have begun people!!! First round will be over around 1pm SLT today and then Shel will start round 2.

~Bewitched photo contest also has been closed, so no more entries will be accepted. Winners will be announced within the week.

~The limited edition Designer Series also has been put in the vault to be safe gaurded for future retired sales.

~Subscribe 'o' matic has been put into place for those of you who want updates and the group gifts without the group chatter and spam. Just slap it on the way into the shop. If you prefer old school, just IM Shel or Fall for an invite to the Bewitched Hair update group.