Saturday, February 9, 2008

What's new @ Cassini Creations


Here is a major Cassini Creations update. So much to tell you its hard to choose where to start.

== New Hair ==

We have 2 new hairstyles available. Called Franscesca and Gillian.
These are the first hair styles to be copy only, but this hair is scripted so you can easily resize, rotate and move the prims your hair piece to fit your head properly. We also included Xcite scripted hair pieces besides the regular onces.
The Francesca hairpieces without Xcite scripts are a dollarbie. With Xcite scripts the regular prize of 175ld per colour pack (4 colours) and 600 ld for the All-colour pack.

== Multi Pose Mirrors ==

We have a new addition to our products. We have now mirrors for sale. We have 3 models to choose from.
And we (Cassini Creations and Scripts 'r Us) wouldn't sell mirrors offcourse unless they had a few very nice options offcourse =).

The big standing mirrors come in 2 versions in the box. One version is scripted to show the profile picture of the avatar standing closest to the mirror. The other does't.

If this nice little trick is not enough. The mirrors are multi pose mirrors. Simply sit on them and the camera position will change to view you. Press shift and the left or right arrow to cycle thought the poses.

All mirrors are avaible at our Cassini Creations main store in Case Colle.

All for the affordable prices of 75L$ for the small face mirror and 100L$ for the standing mirrors.

== Grid Wide Valentine/Anti-Valentine hunt ==

Tomorrow the grid wide valentine/anti-valentine hunt starst!.
We have created something really special for this occasion. What it is... We will keep that a secret. I can give you a hint that it's inspired by Torley Linden. In particular by this youtube video

== Last chance to buy our winter silks ==

As of next week our winter silks will be retired. This is your last chance to get your hand on these special edition silks!

== Last week of our special GiftCard action ==

This week is also the last week that our free 50 ld copy trans giftcards are valid. If you own one and plan on using it. Now would be the perfect time to do so. Since they expire the day after Valentinesday.


Gwendolyn and Wietse Cassini
Cassini Creations and Scripts 'r Us