Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What's New @ The HUB?

Parrot Island Swimwear!

The HUB introduces Parrot Island Swimwear: bikinis in 15 fun prints available exclusively at Parrot Island! Each one comes with shirt, pants, undershirt and underwear layers.

We've designed these bikinis in conjuction with our friends at Lush, who are running the Miss Parrot Island Competition, with a grand prize of $10,000L! Drop by Lush Bar at Parrot Island to pick up contest information, or to purchase any of these lovely bikinis, as they won't be available in any of our stores. Once you TP to the island boardwalk, go up the stairs, and the bikinis are on the left, outside wall of Lush Bar.

To view all 15 bikinis, please visit our blog at

And as always, come see our complete collection (minus the Parrot Island bikinis) at our main store in Linji:

I've also just put out a cute free cardigan for St. Patrick's Day, so be sure to pick that up as well!