Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Whats new @ Cassini Creations

Cancer touches a lot of us, Including us. My mother (= Wietses mother in law) was diagnosed with breastcancer a year ago. They amputated her breasts, chemo's were heavy. As the results of chemo, my mother has now a small leak in her heart valve wich needs to be replaced and they had to pull out all her teeth, because the chemo ate them. But besides that, she is alive, and so far the cancer is gone.

That's why its so important that there is good cancer research, they must find a better way to beat cancer, less invasive to the patients bodies, because chemo's can kill too.

It's only natural that I decided to join the DiS RFL team to raise funds for Relay for Life.

That means you will expect no less then 6 special RFL items in my store.
Starting with the 3 I have released just now:

- A Relay For Life edtion of the "I Love..." dress. It comes in a two colour pack with the RLF colours pink and purple. For 500 ld.

A special RFL edition of our analog watches. They really work, and you can choose your time zone and it comes with 3 possible alarm settings, custom animations and an extra HUD clock. For 250 ld.

Last but not least I created a totally new dress called Hope. Its a long sexy but elegant dress with 3 skirt options. The Relay for Life colour pack contains a purple and a pink edition. For 500 ld.

Yes they cost slightly more than you would expect, but all proceeds are going to Relay for Life.

Be sure to keep an eye out, more special Relay For Life releases will follow soon.

And if you are not interesting to get free goodies while donating, you can just donate your ld to the kiosk that is just outside our store entrance.


Gwendolyn and Wietse Cassini.
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