Thursday, March 20, 2008

What's New @ Kouse's Sanctum

Almarea for RFL

Almarea - Amethyst - Ad

Almarea - Ocean - Ad

Almarea - Onyx - Ad

Almarea - Sapphire - Ad

Almarea - Fuschia - Ad

Almarea - Deep Sea - Ad

These Gypsyish sets are comprised of 12 pieces, including the prim veil and full prim necklace. Check them out at the main store for 450L, all proceeds go to Relay for Life!

Also at the Sanctum is the Easter Egg Hunt, in which 10 eggs have been hidden all over the main store. Some contain gowns, some contain full prim jewelry, all are sure to please. Look out on Friday when two special eggs will be dropped that contain 1000L gift certificates for Sanctum products! Two of these eggs have already been discovered by those in the Kouse's Sanctum update group who had first dibs at this hunt!