Sunday, March 9, 2008

1 new Mens and 1 new Womens outfits today @ Barerose Tokyo

New today for the guys "Ajna"
This is a matching outfit to the "Nirvana" release for the ladies a few days ago .
Amazingly made with tons of sculpted prims. looks great in standard and windlight viewers. Includes both silver and gold versions.

For the ladies we have "Sister Black" that matches the "Father Black" outfit we released 2 days ago.
Black leather pants and skirt are complimented by the cape included with 3 colors.
you can have 2 different looks on the skirt - the normal skirt is shown,but there is also a vampire hunter version with amazing details (sculpted prims of holy water, wooden stakes, and cross)
theres also a headdress <3

Both can be seen here at our main store location
Barerose Tokyo

All of Barerose Tokyo's releases can be seen here
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