Monday, March 17, 2008

What's new at Shapes by Zada

I'll keep this one short because you're all probably getting a little bored of the green, but if you haven't died of St. Patrick's day overdose yet, head over to my main store at Talisman where there are two pots of gold hidden... well, not too well hidden... with a pair of Eyefidelity eyes in Emerald green with Shamrock shaped pupils, and a skin with green hair and makeup. This skin is the first public release of the skin I've been working on for aaaages now. Less silly versions will be available soon. ;) Skin and eyes are dollarbies and won't be out for long, so hurry on over.

Eyes: SbZ Eyefidelity St. Patrick's day dollarbie. Skin: SbZ St Patrick's day dollarbie. Hair: Annerose Yu in green.

You'll find both at the Shapes by Zada mainstore at Talisman (84,140,24) Take a look around the Talisman sim while you're at the store, there are a number of other nice freebies out there at the moment. Notably from the Talisman store itself, which is always generous with the gifts and currently has a gorgeous pair of St. Patrick's day earrings from the talented Hazel Kyrgyz which the fact they are named after me has nothing to do with how wonderful I think they are, and of course the in world HQ of Fabulously Free in SL blog, where many nice freebies can be found!