Sunday, March 23, 2008


University stress got the better of me and juggling sl and study was proving difficult, but now that i've burnt my uni down I can now release more often.

Im freaking cold but as the seasons state spring is acoming!!!So what better way to show I'm back, then with clothes!!!

I thought to start making cute but matchable things, with the odd one out here and there.

Alltogether the new release hold's 3 spring tops, 2 springy dresses and a buttoned cardi for those chilly days!!

The cardigan can be worn with or without something underneath! its up to you :)

And as usual my crazy imagination got the better of me and I redesigned the shop.I love it much more now and I'm pretty sure it will stay like this........XD

So hope everyone has/had a nice easter!! Oh and I promise to keep you all updated and blog more!! * slaps wrist*

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<3 Sandy