Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Tux from SF Design

For too long I've been trying to find time to create a completely new tuxedo Im glad to say here it is. I really wanted to create a coat with a long and wide lapel but the way male avs shoulders pull the textures makes this really difficult , after much work Im finally happy with this although its not as wide as I would like. This new tux is based on a Victorian style tail coat with prim tails and a cutaway coat, matching pants with a side stripe, and a shirt on undershirt layer with winged collar. The first in the SFD Tails Tux range sports a red silk double breasted vest and prim cravat to match the Molto Bella Ballgown. The vest/waistcoat has the same embroidery and raw silk glow as the gown. Dont forget that you can find many colours and styles of vests and ties at SF Design that can be added to wear under this and today I'm releasing 6 new cummerband sets. The cummerband is textured on both the pants and the shirt to form a wide band across the waist. The shirt both on undershirt and shirt layer are included with a prim bowtie and winged collar tips.