Friday, March 14, 2008

Astral Harem Sets

I really love my friends in SL as they constantly make me challenge myself.
There had been some discussion about old sci-fi pulp magazines and the sort of spacey harem outfits they wore on the covers. Next thing you know my friends were egging me on. This is the result.

Swirly solid and sheer satin paired with heavier gold accents on multiple pieces gives you many style options.
Each color set consists of bikini tops on both underwear and shirt layers, bikini thongs on underwear and pants layers, harem pants with a pair of sculpted legs, an asymmetrical top to be worn with a sheer and satin prim asymmetrical sleeve, a two drape prim skirt, a three drape prim skirt, leather and gold bracer which balances well with the lone sleeve and topped off with a matching gemmed torc.

There are 6 colors to choose from aubergine (purple), incarnadine (red), jade (green), midnight (black), tourmaline (teal) and twilight (blue). All are modify, copy and no transfer. I'll have these up on SLEX and OnRez within a few days as well for gifting.
Each set can be found at Ookami Ningen for just 300 L per set.