Sunday, March 2, 2008

~*~DamselFly~*~ Two New Mens Hair Poetic & Honu

The newest Mens hairs out from the DamselFly line are called Poetic and Honu. These two haircuts are 98% sculpted and only 83 prims thats almost unheard of for Men's hair! It is available in 125 different colors. Poetic and Honu are also flexi! They both have a very soft realistic look to it with sculpted waves and curls. It can be purchased in packs of 4, big packs of blondes,reds,brunettes,blacks, or funkys, or the phat pack of 125.

It also has a new scripted Hair Resizer Menu built in so no more having to stretch and pull till your blue in the face! Easy touch hair, menu comes up and you choose to either increase or decrease the size of the hair.

Skin worn is from DragonFly Skins for Life line Sean Caucasian Emo Clean Shaven
and regular Sean Caucasian Clean Shaven in black hair and blonde!

The Hectic for Men DragonFly Oasis in the Damselfly Hair Shop located at:

[url][/url] Oasis/110/43/26

If you would like to hear about more new additions as they are adding to the DragonFly line please feel free to join our DragonFly Designs New Release Group inside of SL!!

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