Thursday, March 6, 2008

NEW Bridal Lingerie @ Rebel Hope Designs

"There is nothing more important on a girls wedding day than what she has on under her gown" Rebel Hope

Every bride needs a boudoir collection for their wedding day and most importantly their wedding night! >:)

I've created a collection that covers all bases for that special day and evening. Included in this set, which includes the Lalique White Diamonds panties, bodice, garter belt and two pair of stockings (one pair of stockings is fishnet with back seam). Also bridal shoes with sculpt bow and flex ribbon on the back, flex ruffle wrist cuffs <~~men dig this), prim garter for your leg, flex veil which is versatile to use for your wedding day as well, plume sculpted bow with flex ribbons that attaches at the back of the bodice and the jewelry consisting of a double strand pearl choker style necklace and pearl drop earrings. You can find the Boudoir Bridal Pack at the entrance of the formal building on Monarch Bay. Rebel Hope Designs, Inc.
Monarch Bay

*style notes: Skin is by PXL and Hair by RaC