Tuesday, March 4, 2008

new "eye fLashes" from the "fLawLess" line by caLLie cLine

hey all, been hiding these in my inventory for a bit now... first of a few new "eye fLashes" for you all...

sorta wild looking, can be tinted, mod/trans.... a fun way to add a cool look to a normal skin (almost looks like a new skin) and also you can get really wild with some of the more crazy skins!!!

2 styles so far, more out soon...

oooh also, it's "friendship week" this week for my group, and i'm giving out a free gift everyday in celebration of friendship... some friends are even giving me some quite nice stuff just for my group!!!

yay!!! so if you wanna join in, there is still time... the first gift went out last night at about 5pm, new one will go out today.... must wear your group tag for the vendor to give you the free gift inside!!!

thanks to all the gals who came last night! it was a blast!

*available in my main shop, (top of my pics)
*to join "caL gaL" search in groups and join!!! that easy!