Monday, March 3, 2008

New goodies from PFE

Hey everyone! Those of you who bought the bed last week will love me today, as I have two new items to go with it.

The nightstands come in a box of two (right and left) and squeak when they open. They have 26 great fabrics in the doors that change when you click them. They're 6 prims each, No Trans and $150L.

I know there are ten million room dividers on SLX, but I thought I should build a better mousetrap, as it were. This screen is ANIMATED. When you click the frame, it changes to one of six positions, to make it more useful to you. There are photos of this flippity-screen action in my flickr stream. Just like the nightstands, the fabric panels change on touch, so you can mix and match and do it your way. You can even add your own textures. The screen is 7 prims, No Trans, and $150L.

You can find my items: OnRez, On SLX, and in my studio in Munck.

Thanks and Happy Shopping!