Monday, December 17, 2007

4 New Modules for the Paradise Blanket

The Paradise Blanket Team has just released 4 brand new modules for the Paradise Blanket!

You can get them in the 20% of discount 4pack or buy them individually for 399!

Wedding - This module gives you everything you need to host your in game wedding! (significant other not included)There so many options in this one I don't even know where to start. Tons of free goodies to get your wedding off on the right foot!You can change the backdrop picture in the background of the stage to a whole pile of different panoramic views.You can set the main color of the entire module.You can set the secondary color of the entire module.Light the bride and groom and unity candles,Poses for everyone with hide commands to get rid of ones you don't need.Walkers for men, women and couples that will automatically walk you down the aisle and right up the steps and onto the stage.Wedding march music plays on command.I think i'll leave the rest for you to discover on your own :) that's half the fun of a new module anyway.

Honeymoon - This module gives you the option of two completely different honeymoons! Head on into either the Ritz version or the Motel version! It's up to you at the check in counter!Live it upscale or live it lowbrow. Whichever style is your style, you'll find everything you need to kick off your new marriage on that first special night!This module sets new standards for Paradise Blanket modules, Even if you're not going to be on a honeymoon anytime soon, come check this one out!

Nursery- This may be the most requested module we've ever made. The nursery module is probably the cutest creation to come out of the Paradise Blanket Team yet! We got your crib right here! Yourbaby is gonna go gaga over this one :)

DeepSea! - This module gives yout he experience of deep sea diving alone or with a friend! So much to explore and see in this one, and it's so relaxing! What better way to spend an evening with your special someone?Comes with all the goodies you'll need to enjoy your stay under the sea!Of course you'll need to find them :) Make sure you're ready to searchfor sunken treasure!