Monday, December 3, 2007

What's New at PopFuzz 162 new items.

I just stuffed my shop full of new items.

Here are pictures of some of the new items :)

12 Different Add on Gown Pleats for my Lacy Corsets

12 Gold Bust Empire Waist Dresses

12 Gold and Gem Stilettos

12 Silver Bust Empire Waist Dresses

12 Silver and Gem Stilettos

11 Crop Top Sweater and Wool Mini Skirt Outfits

10 Paper Dragon Dresses

6 Quilted Dress

10 Color Leather PopSters Shoes

10 Track Suits

11 Color Shine PopSters Shoes

7 Vertical Striped Gowns

11 Goddess Gowns (This is a redesign and recoloring of an old favorite)

Black & Gold Sparkle Strap Stilettos

11 Paw Print Strap Stilettos (Made to match my Pawpadot Dresses)

My First Robot Tiny (Love this little guy or gal with the right accessories hehe)

Racing Stripe Dress

Thats it for now, look for more Popfuzz creations very soon :)
Smiles to all,