Saturday, December 22, 2007

Winter Flames @ Nick Ree

Winter Flame Collection

This collection is 100% handrawn. Feeling the cold in winter I really wanted something to warm me up and I got inspired with flames. So Winter Flame is a series of illustrated flames in various colours and in white too. Sold currently only in my main store in Tropical Orchid (Gift Vendors available inworld).

Available in :

Combo - has all the styles from Phoenix, Glamour and Svelte Gown & Dress

Phoenix - comes with prim wings, mask and 2 skirt styles which can be worn together or seperate, but for the full effect wear both Skirt Prim V1 and V2 together.

Svelte Gown & Dress - Comes with 3 different skirt styles, 2 long and one short. The svelte prims can be worn together with the long slim prim skirt for a fuller effect.

Glamour Set - 1 flexi prim skirt style.

enjoy :)
Nicky Ree