Monday, December 17, 2007

What's New @ Here Comes Trouble???

What's new at HCT???? Let me show you!!!!

There is 5 new hair styles! All with flexies!!

All new color packs! Total color's overhall!!

New prices, now you get more wigs for your lindens!!!

Also i re-did the Exclusive hair packs, all new, with a

new red pack by popular demand!!

I added about 10 wigs, plus the new 5 for a total of i

think 27 plus exclusively textured hair!!

Christmas stuff is now out too, in the seasonal section

of hct's new location -all landmarks still work- OOO

and last but not least, the "Prove it" compition has now

begun! good luck everyone! I hope to see you AV soon!!!!

haha!!! for more information visit HCT, Here Comes

Trouble located in the troubled city sim!!!!! or Message

me Babyboo Glitterbuck anytime!! Happy Holidays!!!!!