Friday, December 21, 2007

What's NEW @ Diversity Hair/*AD* Clothing? Clothes, Hair and Christmas Gifts for all

New Releases Gifts and the Return of some items in both Diversity Hair and *AD* Clothing (which is located to the right, inside Diversity Hair )

Firstly is the Incredible NEW Daisy Polka Dresses in Black , Red, White and Pink....these incredible party frocks are just gorgeous with their mid length flexi skirts the awesome polka dot waist Bow and the beautiful halter straps....for the Holidays Aleri has made the Pink version FREE to all in her main store at Addictive, located on the wall with the other fabulous colours.

Carly is an absolutely adorable pigtails style that is New to the Diversity Hair collection, its full bangs and fluffy tails are just as I already said ADORABLE!

last but not least is Jorslie a fun high scrunches style with long straight locks down the back great for the fun style lovers who still like some length to their hair....but wait it gets better it's FREE until the New Hair in the Mega Pack .

So now not only is their incredible reasons to come and check out the Diversity Hair and *AD* clothing store but if you don't hurry you will miss out on these incredible Holiday Gifts from Aleri Darkes