Friday, December 21, 2007

What's New @ Hubby's Boutique?

Hubby's Boutique is proud to introduce "Claire" - a pewter satin corset with shorts and two skirts (below the knee and mini). Seamed stockings included.

Next up is "Eolande" - named for Eolande Elvehjem, who offered her invaluable advice to JH while he was designing this outfit . Royal blue and gold floral brocade corset with prim laces in the back, and two royal blue luminous satin skirts, in knee and full length.

And in case you missed it, "Alexa" is our entry into the EFA Design Awards 2008. This stunning outfit is feminine and elegant yet still unique and just a bit edgy. The corset is made from a gorgeous Chinese dragon print brocade with burgundy satin insets, leather buckles and laces and prim leather ties on both the front and back. Included are 4 different luminous satin skirts: full length and just below the knee skirts in both champagne and deep rose. Very versatile!