Monday, December 3, 2007

What's NEW @ Diversity Hair

Mandy : She is home from College and has a spring in her step as she lets her long hair flow while securing back the sides into a neat little bun , no pen stuck in it for this student she is on break and ready to enjoy all that entails .

Milly : Whether its rehearsals on the barre or a day of work , this neat bun style with its escaping tendrils and sideswept bangs is a delight from casual to formal .

Thalia : For the Princess in us all , those long tresses neatly braided just waiting for a handsome prince or sexy minx to sweep you off your feet and run off/or have their way with you .

Shanna : This carefree rocker is back with some deadly tunes and some killer hair , keeping you captivated with a flick of her hair and a swivel of her hips .

Sydney : THE WINNER IS ! nothing more to say :P

Ok a little more, all found at Diversity Hair or OnRez .