Sunday, December 2, 2007

What's New @ [Renegade]

Alright let's kick this off!

Here's my contribution to the new blog, a couple of shirts for ya headbanger friend.

The Cemetary Gates Crew Knit is actually a real life shirt designed for a local metal band. For the most part it's exactly the same except the added crimson and no "Blood Red Disciple". I knew I wanted to pull this design into second life but once I did I had to think of a name for it. It struck me with the gate in the image and the heavy metal origins of this design.

After that I figured may as well stick with the Pantera naming trend and we get this little bit of despair.
Come by the shop and check em out.

1 comment:

Sasy Scarborough said...

Yay The shirts are hot, I am going to add your Logo you made for us to the top right now I was lazy to try and change TGA back to JPEG lmao

xxoxoxo Sasy xoxo