Thursday, December 20, 2007

What's New from Dark Eden: HAIR!

Well I've been hinting at Etain's sooper sekret projekt for a while and now I can reveal it! She made hair! These are gloriously and imaginatively named Etain's First Hair and Etain's Second Hair, respectively.

Etain's First Hair

Etain's Second Hair

They come in three sets: Maiden, Mother and Crone and each set comes with three color choices with a fat pack that contains all nine colors.

Maiden: Light Blonde, Blonde, Strawberry Blonde.
Mother: Red, Auburn, Brown
Crone: White, Black, Midnight (blue black)
Fat Pack: All nine colors

Etain's First Hair is free. You can pick it up in the freebie cart in the Dark Eden main shop only.

Etain's Second Hair is 25L for the maiden pack, 25L for the mother pack, 25L for the crone pack and 50L for the fat pack. Each hair also comes with a built in face light. For those who don't like face lights, we've included ones without them, marked with a 'nf'.

As always, Dark Eden products are copy/mod/no transfer. You can give these as gifts by IMing Vivianne Draper directly to arrange for payment and delivery. You can get to Dark Eden by typing Dark Eden into search or by hitting this SLURL.