Sunday, December 30, 2007

What's New @ KITCHY/UOMO

Newness for guys and girls!

KITCHY/UOMO, Beryllium (148, 197, 22)

Party is a fun flouncy dress with black ribbon trim, buttons, and tulle underskirt! Perfect for a regular day or holiday/after holiday parties! Comes in gray, pink, purple, and blue.

This new release, and all future releases with prim skirts will also include SKIRT FLOW! This is a specially scripted prim skirt that allows the skirt to lay naturally when you sit, instead of falling through your avatar!

More info at the bottom of this post!

Two new items for the guys...first up, some basic but sexy ribbed turtlenecks, a great winter staple!

And also, an outfit, with many different options! Crew includes a herringbone blazer (in brown or dark gray), a plaid dress shirt opened at the collar to show a tshirt underneath (in 4 colors, tucked and untucked versions) and jeans with either a black or brown belt. Four different color coordinated options are available, or a fat pack for ultimate mixing and matching!

Don't forget, I am accepting entries for this weeks ladies skin giveaway until Wednesday! Come to the shop for details and to enter! (Entry box is by the New Items)

**Skirt Flow Info:

Each outfit will now include one regular prim skirt and one scripted prim skirt. Skirt will already be placed for the basic standing and sitting SL animations, and instructions to modify the skirt to your specific AOs are included. Eventually, older items will be updated, and I will notify when they are so you can get an updated skirt if you so choose.