Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What's New @ Sc Design

Sc Design launches Store Card!

Yes…it was never so easy to make a gift as with the new Store and Gift Cards

Store Cards are a wonderful gift for your friends or partner,
providing them with a shopping experience that they will never forget!

Instead of paying for Sc Design products,
simply wear the card and click to shop!

Imagine walking around our store and instead of paying,
you just right click on the
vendors for the products that you want and use the card instead!
As long as there is enough credit on the card,
you will instantly receive the products that you select!

Store Cards available in diffrent amounts from 250L$ to 2500L$ and the best is…you can save up to 20% by purchasing a Store Card. For example, you get a 2500L$ Store Card for only paying 2000L$

isnt that great?

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