Friday, January 4, 2008

GHOST! First Store Space In-World!!!!

Yay! Thanks to Raven and Aria! I have a vendor space to sell my stuff in-world at Raven’s Requiem now.

So from now on, it would be much easier if you teleport in-world to my store straightaway and purchase my creations; rather than log-in to my OnRez store. If you prefer onrez, of course i am keeping my onrez store too.^^

*I dont have specific working time in SL, so feel free to IM me or notecard me if you have any problems or troubles with purchasing my creations in-world or on OnRez. I will try my best to help when i am online ^^*

*I have finished setting up already, come by and have a visit^^!*
See you! Ciao!<3