Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What's New @ [Renegade]

I hate these things...

Seriously you guys, these pants I made are the ugliest pieces of crap I've ever come up with, and that's sayin alot.
This looks like this shit your grandma would wear to a wedding or to Wyatt's for the all you can eat $5.95 buffet.

And you know you ain't gettin out of there on just 6 bux and change, no! They'll get you for the drink and the refills and don't even think about any kind of service, those scabs they got roamin around the little drink/silverware area don't care what you want even if they did knew you exist. What a buncha bull...dude...man....ugh!

Anyways, suffer bitches!

Haw! Just kidding!

If yer into classy tainted with sickness then come by the shop and pick some up

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