Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dark Eden: Oshun, Metis and Harness Belts

I almost forgot to post these terrific belts Etain did -- kind of in conjunction with the Sarubobo line but kind of on their own too. Whether you wear these to round out your Oshun, Metis or Harness look -- or you use them to create something totally unique, these belts are fantastic accessories.

The Oshun Belt

The Metis Belt

The Harness Belt

Each type of belt comes in its own mega set for L$300 or you can purchase individual belts for L$75. As always, Dark Eden products are mod/copy/no transfer. We are working hard to get everything up on OnRez but if you don't see it there, please contact Vivianne Draper if you want to arrange for a gift. You can find Dark Eden at this SLURL or just type Dark Eden into search.