Monday, January 7, 2008

What's New @ KITCHY/UOMO

A couple of fun things for the ladies!

KITCHY/UOMO, Beryllium (148, 198, 23)

A sexy outfit that will be perfect for you whether you are hanging on to winter, or looking forward to spring! This outfit includes a belly bearing sweater with an argyle print (hence my incredibly creative name) and black or white jeans with a matching argyle printed belt! It comes in *7* colors (yes..i had fun)...four colors are pastel-ly with white jeans, and 3 colors are deep colors with black jeans.

...Is just that...comfy! An incredibly soft and sexy cardigan in 6 different colors. It's on the jacket layer to wear over your outfit on those chilly (and downright cold!) evenings, or wear it alone to sex it up!

I now have poses up for sale in the store! Directly to your right after you enter is a pose vendor, currently I have 5 modeling poses in the vendor, but more will be coming soon! Check em out! (poses are not included in 10% Update Group discount)

A few reminders...I'm still collecting the weekly skin giveaway entries until wednesday...I won't be doing this giveaway forever, so enter for a chance to win!
Also, Update Group members ALWAYS get 10% off new releases while they are on the new board, so come get it before it goes regular price!

To join the Kitchy/UOMO Update Group, go in world to Search>>Groups>>Kitchy Update Group, or IM Kitridge DeSantis to be added!