Sunday, January 13, 2008

What's New@ GHOST!

Yay! New release again at GHOST! <3

This time is not for fabulous girls but for the guys, this release is my first garment for the male GHOST!'s line collection

Anyway, yes here it is:

GHOST! - M1 is a kind of motorcycler-like vest with 2 wearing options: One just the vest itself, the other one is wearing white-shirt underneath. It comes with high collars as well, there's different jacket bottoms, i assume you can figure it out anyway.

Please keep in mind, this item only includes the vest and the white-shirt options, other accessories and clothes belongs to my model. Glad Lawless agreed to be the models for my ad, so i dont have to use the weird guy in my inventory.

All items are No Transfer Only.

You can purchase my items through my store at Aria Requiem:

or on my OnRez Store:

Anyhow, i talked too much so just check out the photo:

That's it for today, Thanks for reading

Yay! Goodnight and Bye <3