Friday, January 4, 2008

SFD Celtic Leathers

Well its back to work after a great holiday and I hope you all have had a good time :)
Its been some time since i brought out new leather gear so what better way to start 2008
His and hers leather sets - in 6 colours. Black, red, purple, copper,pewter, pink for the girls and bronze for the guys.If any guy out there is brave enough to wear the pink let me know ;) we can sort it.

Each set has both open and closed jackets with sculpted prim collar and buckles and both high and low rise pants on pant and underpant layer ( to wear with your SF Design biker boots ;) ) The Leathers are tight with a celtic pattern to the leather belt and buckles , and a subtle celtic pattern on the thighs and back.

The outfits are mod/copy so the gifting box can be used for this item.

As a side note I went looking for a bike to go with the leathers and had quite a problem so many of them looked huge ! Luckily I found the answer at Les Whites - White's Bikes not only was it a smart looking bike it had a hud and touch menu for changing seating postion - I could actually hold the handlebars!- but you can change its colour and many other options too - if you go to White's try out the realistic 'breaking glass' too - great fun!