Thursday, January 3, 2008

What's New@ GHOST!

Yay! i have new release for GHOST! again :D

[ GHOST! - Zero ]

Zero is a set of tube top dresses with 3 different wearing options: the main one would be a tea time semi-formal gown; the other two are more informal: mini skirt and single layer dress.

All items are No Transfer Only.

*My creations are only on sale on OnRez at the moment! Sorry :P*

In Case you want to keep up-to-date of what i release in the future, here is my blog's link:

There are two color options:

Zero - Shadow (Glossy Black)

Zero - Fade (Light Grey)

And i did another options which is a pack which includes both colors:
Zero - Combo: includes Shadow and Fade

That's it for the second release ^^ Time to sleep >3< *Yay*