Saturday, January 5, 2008

Whats news @ Fuel

Happy new yearr!!
Lets hope 2008 brings everything people want :)

Here are a few releases, this time full shoe department release :P

Incoming are sculptied out Gwen boots, Fashionista's will definatley get hooked on these, and anyone else that likes stylish boots...
but the question is , can you handle the heel ? ;)

And onto more boots! -
Muse - Stilettos that come with a very cute bow behind the foot and in 4 different ' flavours' . Spoilt for choice me thinks :)

Last up are the famous berry boots, You can wear these sculptie platform boots with or without the legwarmer.
Instead of explaining it all as if these boots have a historic meaning, I'll just leave it up to you to decide by the picture.

So come down to me ever growing shop hehe and take a look around and see what you can snap up :)

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