Monday, January 21, 2008

What's New@ GHOST!

Hi again, i come up with another release.

GHOST! - Babydoll is not dead yet

Yet again, another babydoll release, it comes with 2 version of skirt: first one is normal kind with neat edges; the other one is a longer version plus unbalance skirt form. As always, option layers for the top, glitch pants and bla bla bla.

mmm, babydoll (in anykind) is a big trend in SL and RL, it seriously wont die, i am sure about this O..O. But since i always end up doing babydoll for all the release so far, so i think i am starting to get bored of it. This will be the last babydoll dresses that i made at least for awhile.

All items are no Transfer Only.

This can be purchase either at my store at Aria Requiem or OnRez:

P.S: Main point is at the back, the back! <3>

Anywho, oh and also, i am trying to play with the ad look, want to make them look more finish and neat and absolutely like mine. So please dont mind if you find this one looks different than the others :/ more of differnt ones will be coming up as well
Yay! That's it, thanky for reading <3>