Monday, January 28, 2008

Whats new @ Fuel

Tp to Fuel

Hellloo people!
It's finally time... all that tping to the new store wondering why you cant buy things ,and getting frustrated that its not open yet and you cant get your hands on the new stuff.....
So now you will find me on Aria's Requiem!!

Well now its time to open up shop!

So onto the new releases - I will try to release what I can everyweek but it may be more limited than before, as I have university on now and the work is piling!!!

Anyways enough babble
Here is buttons!! the battered teddy who just needs some loving :( so give it to him ??
Hold animation included!

And onto my special boots, So mucccch feedback and praise for my tainted wooly's I decided to do a ' unique' edition consisting of a closed foot this time :)
They are my personal fav's!
Glammed up with rhinestone heel ,these are a must.
Oh and in a few hot colours you'd be once again spoilt for choice :)

So here they are :)

Have fun at my new comfyised shop!

<3 sandy