Saturday, January 5, 2008

What's new @ Bewitched Hair

First release of the new year and sexy sexy....I am so in love with the middle style Jagged, its sexy, raw and edgy...and best of all UNISEX!!. This sultry style is chin length aside from the longer wisp's in the front and has flexi throughout for that just the right amount of movement. The side whisps and the bangs also have a leather banding on them and a silver chain hanging from within the style adorned with a juicy diamond on the end. The last style in the pic is Witchy Woman, it kind of speaks for itself. It has a very feminine flair too it but still is a powerful style. The headpiece is awesome and is accented with a pentagram and silver chains with a diamond on the ends. This style also comes with optional texture change bangs, so basically 2 looks in 1...WOOT!! The first style shown here is Rihanna and modeled after the singer herself. It is a very trendy style with its slouchy knit hat and mixture of loose waves and curls. The hat is also texture changeable on this one however its not detachable...but you know..I'd go out and buy an outfit just to match this hair its Hot! in the words of the blond heiress herself. Happy shopping!