Friday, January 25, 2008

What's New @ Another Fundraiser

We are OPENNNNNNN we arent supposed to have started until 6pm with the Opening of the incredible Masterpiece Island, but people couldnt wait , HERE is the location and there are 152 wonderful skins to choose from Including a Fat Pack of 144 ladies skins on OnRez at a reduced price for all at once (aren't you lucky) .
So many incredible skins you will have to come and look and marvel at how generous everyone has been, as well as the very giving Another Fundraiser Group (much Love) but the idea is now to see how giving the rest of you are :P I have no shame when it comes to charity so dig deep , we also have donation boxes at the location so if you want to add a bit more which many have already done DO ITTTTTTTTT !!! and dont forget to come by for the event at 6pm SLT .
xoxox Sasy xoxox