Friday, January 25, 2008

Lub SUX! But the poses don't have to!

[LAP] - Long Awkward Pose

Okay, so anyone who knows me even a tiny bit is probably aware that I'm not your typical romantic. Hrm, actually, I'm not your typical -anything-...heh. Of course when I recalled that Valentine's day was around the corner I said to myself: "Self, you really have to do something spectacular and amazing for Valentine's, show'em yer stuff!"

I give to you the "Lub Sux" collection of couple's pose sets. No you won't be finding any cutsie-pootsie crap in my shop this Valentine's day. They're silly poses, but really quite a chuckle and fun to play with (especially if you equip the free emoter HUD I stuck in the box for ya). I laughed so hard I almost snorted, but then maybe I'm easily amused?

Have a look-see!

You can find them in my shop for 100L each, ooorrrr, since this is a themed set that I might not keep around the shop all-year long, I'm offering them as a whole collection of 5 pose sets for 400L (that means you get one pose set absolutely free)! They're available to try and buy in my pose vendor, or if you don't have the time, just purchase the posters on the wall.

As always, my couple's sets are mod/trans - get these quick, just incase I get trigger-happy and poof they go (you got until at least Valentine's to get them)!