Monday, January 7, 2008

What's New@ GHOST!

Yoho! Yes yes..its me again, having new release for GHOST! <3

So today I have GHOST! - Antique

[GHOST! - Antqiue] is a set of baby doll dresses with single strap sleeveless top (Yes, i LOVE single strap more than anything else), either wearing in single layer or double layer; mix and match, mix and match bla bla bla. Besides that, this is the first time that i used colors other than black, since the black version of Antique was a speical edition to the SHINE charity event^^with even more extra wearing options. And for these 2 dresses, i have improve the textures, as well as the cut for it.

You can purchase my items from my store at Aria Requiem:

Or from my OnRez Store as usual:)

So Let me show you the photos:
As always, its coming with different packs options.

GHOST! - Antique Kera ( Pink-ish dead red)

GHOST! - Antique Rott (Light green-ish blue)

GHOST! - Antique Combo ( Comes with both Kera and Rott colors)

After this release tonight, i wont be releasing that fast like i did before, i will try to work on everything slowly, so i get to improve the textures, constructions of my creations more^^.

That's it! Good Night and Ciao! <3