Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Miss SL Universe Set @ Alienbear Design

This Crown for Miss SL Universe 2008 for sell?! NO! This one is unique for Miss SL Universe!! I designed & donated this to the Miss SL Universe that held by "The best of SL Magazine". So why I post here? Cause the other designs that I donated to them can be sell. & It is a VERY SPECIAL SET! SL is a dream world, So this set is all girls DREAM set is BE TO MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE UNIVERSE! Here is your dream set:-

This special jewelries sell as set only & now available at Alienbear Design main store, Le'bear Castle!! You can also see the 3D model of Crown for Miss SL Universe 2008 there too!! Same as all of my entire jewelries, they are my original design & all crafted by primary prims.