Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Lalique Lingerie @ Rebel Hope Designs, Inc.

Inspired by the great Art Nouveau Artist, Lalique. Done in 14 colors including two limited edition colors that will be retired at the end of February. Done in romantic satin with beautiful floral trim so reminiscent of the great work of the artist. The set includes the bodice, panties w/garter, panties only, and stockings. Available in Rebel packs by jewel tone as well as the pastel collection at a discounted rate, as well as sold individually. You will find them located in the foyer entrance to the formal building on Monarch Bay.

The lovely skins were done by the amazing Roslin Petion at Tete a Pied and are an extension of her Boudoir collection. You can find the skins on the Tete a Pied sim, Fleur.


Rebel Hope Designs, Inc
Monarch Bay