Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What's New @ Ali

Simple but striking designs with the clever addition of scripts is the hallmark of Ali's work, and the Simple Chic Set is a true showcase of her talent. She has included two great lamps to shed light on a clever coffee table that can appear as cluttered or uncluttered as you like, while remaining quite elegant!But you'll love the clutter: A teacup you can take and wear, and since it's animated, you can drink from it. You can rez a picture book you can click on and flip through. It has drawers that open, revealing magazines. Finally, it can rez a picture frame into which you can add your own texture.

The rest of the set continues to combine scripts with Ali's impeccable taste with a couch offering a variety of poses (four sets that you cycle through) for any mood that strikes you and a friend. Finally there's the matching recliner that lets you put your feet up and nap or sit upright to converse with friends. In all, you get matching couch and recliner, two lamps, the coffee table, PLUS a rug exclusive to the set. For this and other similar items, visit 'Ali' in Second Mirage. You can go to SL Exchange or onRez to purchase them, as well.