Sunday, January 20, 2008

sf design new outfits win 2nd week round in Assignment Runway competition.

Some of you know I have been putting alot of things on hold while I've been working away on new outfits for the Assignment Runway competition ( click to see the first week. - the second coming soon - I really had no idea what i was letting myself in for !) After the first week we were asked to create first date outfits - formal, casual and sporty to be judged on Saturday 19th - the lowest score would be eliminated from the competition - the highest would be immune from elimination.
After a nail biting couple of hours I was absolutely thrilled to be told SF Designs had won this weeks task :)
So now I can release the outfits to be sold , I was so lucky to have a superb and supportive model assigned to me - Anne Daumig - so the casual date outfit i have named after her.
SF Design Annette includes jeans with rainbow patch on back pocket and rainbow beads on the prim belt tassle, black camisole top with lower option on underpant layer for a longer look and a soft white crocheted jacket with flexi sleeve option.

SF Design Rambler was the sporty date entry , a pair of walking shorts with prim cuffs, walking boots with prim sock cuffs, a pink tie dye tee and a prim sweater tied round the shoulders.

... and finally the formal date - sf Design Molto Bella a raw silk ballgown in a deep glowing red. The bodice is tight and embroidered with tiny flowers, the front of the skirt is cut away and the back flows out with a bow at the base of the spine. A pair of sf design 'elegance' sandals are included in this outfit.
Happy shopping friends :)